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Grupo Enesa’s investment strategy is based on four fundamental pillars that define its outlook, distinguish it from other investment funds and provide continuous guidance to its activities.

1. Deep focus on operations and results.


• Business simplification and restructuring.

• Continuous measurement of indicators and goals.

• Implementation of financial discipline.

• Investment in technology, research, and development.




2. Focus on specific subsectors and markets.


• Energy and Health sectors in Mexico and Latin America.

• Development and expansion of specialized knowledge.

• Search for long-term investments and strategic alliances with sector and market leaders.

• Portfolio of companies that complement each other.

• Investment in markets with supply deficit.

• Access to regional growth.



3. Development of consistent expansion plans and balanced growth.


• Focus on developing and strengthening leading companies in their industry.

• Organic company growth.

• Development of new lines of business.

• Strategic acquisitions that increase the companies individual value and their complete portfolio.



4. Selection of appropriate human resources and permanent focus on development.


• Accurate talent selection of each member to have suitable staff by positions and responsibilities.

• Ongoing training and professional development.

• Projects supported by a flexible and dynamic strategy.

• Investments aimed at the in-house development of initiatives and ideas.

• Grupo Enesa’s vision is shared by all of its holding companies and employees.

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