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Enesa Energía’s vision is to form a group of companies that together, add value to the sector. We currently participate throughout engineering, operation and maintenance in high, medium and low voltage power, thermal and electrical energy generation projects, as well as in backup systems. Each company that integrates the group is characterized by its years of experience, leadership and operation under world-class quality standards.


Capital Energético Mexicano is a private equity fund formed by the alliance between Grupo Enesa and GBM Infrastructure, through its Infrastructure CKD (Capital Development Certificate).


The fund focuses on the development of projects and investment in infrastructure companies in Mexico and Latin America, especially in the sector of clean and renewable energy generation, gas processing plants and Hydrocarbons logistics systems. CEM together with its strategic partners makes investments in the sector, under efficient strategies that focus on a careful selection of projects, engineering and the best possible utilization of technologies for maximizing the returns on investment.


CEM holds the contractual experience with companies, governments and financial institutions, as well as the knowledge and the constant actualization for the new energy Mexican market, thanks to a close relationship with corresponding authorities.


CEM is currently developing and executing energy generation projects and hydrocarbon processing projects. CEM, through various investments, will continue to build a high value offer in the energy sector.


Selmec has more than 75 years of experience providing integrated power solutions.


• Manufacture of diesel gensets from 10 to 2,750kW, gas gensets from 30 to 400kW, as well as mobile and medium voltage gensets.


• Integrated solutions with custom characteristics adjusted to client’s needs and preferences, such as acoustic enclosures, fuel tanks, switchboards and distribution boards, parallelism systems, and more.


• Electrical systems such as substations, boards, transformers, UPS, and precision A/C.


• Maintenance and remote sensing and control for thermal and electrical equipment with 24/7 support across the Mexican territory.


• Experienced in emergency power solutions for data centers and other applications where power is critical in order to guarantee operational continuity.


• Their partnerships with Perkins, Cummins, and Mitsubishi allow them to offer high quality and high-performance solutions.


The most comprehensive solution for remote sensing and monitoring of energy.


• Through the generation of energy efficiency diagnostics, they are able to generate a working plan towards significant energy consumption savings while improving energy quality and ensuring reliability.


• Permanent pursuit for savings opportunities through data generation and mining, operational management, and adequate maintenance routines.


• Visible results in the short term as well as improvement of current equipment’s ROI.


• Smart platform with safe remote access that provides enabling visibility to the responsible personnel for the execution of corrective and preventive measures: asset control, warning reports and relevant notifications, control boards, consumption reports and analytical data banks.


• Their energy experience applies to a diverse set of sectors: finance, retail, industry, telecommunications, healthcare, and more.


Complete boiler room system solutions. Cleaver Brooks offers the best products regarding low emissions and high performance.


• Industrial boiler rooms that run on steam or water, of the watertube or firetube types.


• Manufacturer and only authorized distributor in Mexico (for over 50 years) of Cleaver Brooks and Nebraska steam boilers, both watertube and firetube types that provide 15 to 30,000HP.


• Best solution in compact, low weight, and modular boilers that are able to produce steam in just a few minutes.


• Their value proposition for totally integrated systems includes all the auxiliary equipment required to ensure the highest efficiency, such as burners, controls, waste heat recovery units, economizers and water systems.


• Their experience covers the food, paper, metal, and petrochemical industries.


Complete facilities solutions.


• With more than 110 years and more than 1,500 executed projects, they offer the most comprehensive solution in construction installation services: electrical, hydro-sanitary, A/C, fire protection measures, and smart systems.


• Technical and descriptive logs, thermal load calculations, system and equipment selection, system diagram work, balance and designs based on international certification (LEED).


• They offer turn-key solutions by supplying engineering, procurement, execution and installation, management and maintenance.


• Industry specialization in data centers, shopping malls, hotels, industrial plants, airports, stadiums, hospitals, concert halls, etc.



The best solution in construction design engineering.


The best solution in construction design engineering.

Their offerings include electrical service, water/sewer systems, air conditioning, fire safety and intelligent systems, descriptive and technical reports, thermal load calculation, selection of equipment and systems, as-built drawings, balancing and design of systems with international certification (LEED).

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